Hello. My name is Victor and I am a newly college grad (class of 2017). I officially started this blog for my fall semester 2016, where I decided to study abroad in South Africa.

I took on the biggest adventure of my life and documented every part of it from the food to every interaction I got with the locals. I have always had a passion for travelling but little did I know that this experience opened a gateway for me to expound more on my passion. They say life is a book and every time you travel you are taking on another chapter. After traveling to Kenya and Dubai I have dedicated my time to expound this blog and share my day to day life experiences as well as my perspective towards where life takes me and what it throws at me.

I am a huge food lover and cooking has always been my therapy. I express myself through the world of fashion,music and Arts.

Come join me in my journey and hopefully give you a different take on things from my eyes.


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